Whats this all about anyway?

Q:  How often do these events take place?

A: We work hard to bring you at least one event every month. Check our EVENTS page for more information on whats happening this month. Sign up for our mailing list or check or Social Media pages to stay updated! 

Q:  What will we do at the event? 

A: Some events will have interactive games, and some will be more of a casual mixer.  We will always have ice breaker games available for people who enjoy them.

You may participate as much or as little as you wish. Introverts and shy people are welcome!

Q: Are the events strictly for heterosexual singles? 

A: At Date.Play.Love. we believe that “Love is Love,” and therefore, all Races, Religions, Lifestyles, Sexual Orientations and Gender Identifications are welcome at our events! 


We cannot guarantee the dating pool ratio, so plan on a night of fun, new connections, and a real interpersonal experience, not a cold, judgmental digital finger swipe Left or Right, Like or Dislike, Hot or Not.

Q: Do I have to purchase a ticket in advance? 

A: We do recommend purchasing a ticket in advance HERE. You will receive a discounted rate off the price of admission at the door.

Tickets are $10 per single person if purchased in advance, and $15 if purchased at the door.  

Please note that food and drink will be extra.  

Q: Is this like speed dating? 

A:  NOPE! Not at all. This is less structured, and more of a mingling experience with optional games & activities. You are free to move at your own pace and talk to whomever you’d like for as long as you’d like. 

We make certain that people who want to meet one another do get a chance to meet. We provide a variety of games and ice-breaker activities. You are free to participate... or not.

Q: If we think we like someone we meet at an event, is there a specific process to let them know we’re interested?

A: While you are always free to express your interest in a potential match as you feel comfortable, we also provide "Get To Know You" cards which can either be handed directly to someone you are interested in, or you can turn in the cards to one of the DPL Facilitators and we can help make that connection for you!

Q: Are there rules at these events?

A: There is a strict, zero-tolerance rule for any disrespect, rudeness, or harassment of any kind. Hate speech or disrespectful actions of any kind will result in immediate removal from the event.

Additionally, our venues have their own rules around intoxication and safety. 

Basically, Don’t Act a Fool and Don’t be a Jerk, and you’ll be fine.