Date.Play.Love began with the mission of offering a safe and pleasant alternative to online dating. As with any new venture, we are changing, evolving, and fine-tuning along the way.

We recently sent out a survey to obtain feedback from our single community.  Your feedback is extremely important to us, and we are eager to respond here: 

The primary reasons identified as potential deterrents to attending an event were: 1) "it may be awkward," 2) "day/time," 3) "turnout, number of guests," and 4) "value - what do you get for the admission price?"

These are ALL super valid reasons and we appreciate your honest feedback!! Here's what we have to say...


"It may be awkward"

We understand you might think it would be awkward, but isn't dating usually a little uncomfortable? That's the reason we have icebreaker games and activities. We know this can help people open up and ease that anxiety. And think of it like this: If you were to meet ten potential people to date online and then went on ten different dates with them - that's WAY MORE awkward moments than just coming to one event and meeting everyone all at once - with the help of skilled facilitators!  And rest assured -  you're not the only one feeling awkward!  Many of you indicated this fear!  So c'mon, you can so do this! Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone - we've got your back!


According to our survey results, 56% of you asked for Saturdays, and 80% of you asked for evening hours.  You got it!  Our events will now take place on Saturday evenings, 6-8pm! 


"turnout - number of guests"

We've decided to now require a minimum number (16) of pre-registered guests. Without that in place, the event will unfortunately be cancelled. Of course, any pre-paid admission will be refunded in the event of a cancellation. So as long as 16 or more singles purchase their $10 ticket in advance, we'll be guaranteed to have a great night! 

"value - what do you get for the $10 admission price?" 

Great question! Your admission gets you into a structured setting where you are surrounded by other local singles who are also hoping to make a love connection!  Where else can you get that?! And the events are facilitated by a licensed mental health therapist with almost 20 years experience in helping people feel comfortable, reduce their anxiety, practice effective communication skills, and exercise healthy boundaries in relationships. 

All of this for just $10!! 

A New Way to Date in Asheville NC


Date.Play.Love is dedicated to helping people find LOVE in real life!

Date.Play.Love. is a way to meet people in REAL LIFE, not behind a computer/phone screen.  It’s a way to capture a person’s vibe and to explore the level of initial attraction.  We host monthly events for single adults, chock full of fun ice breaker games and activities!  All you have to do is bring yourself, your smile, and be ready to interact!  We take the guesswork out of trying to initiate conversation or knowing what to talk about.  Whether you play “would you rather,” questions Jenga, or “2 Truths and a Lie,” you are guaranteed to learn about the people around you and get a feel for who you may jive with.  We even offer cards that say “I’d like to get to know you better” with an option to write your contact information and give it to a person(s) of interest (or have your friendly hosts hand it off for you). 

That’s it!  It’s about showing up.  It’s about having fun.  It’s about being your true self. You may meet your future spouse.  You may meet your new best friend.  You will definitely have fun! 

Yummy beverages, fun games, and cool local singles!?  What's not to love?  Come on out to our next event!  


About Us

Tired of impersonal dating sites? Frustrated by "Swipe Culture"?


We are motivated to find you love & happiness. No more online dating disasters with Date. Play. Love. 

Love is Love. ALL are welcome & respected here.


ALL races, religions, lifestyles, sexual orientations & gender identities are welcome at our safe & respectful events.

Come on out and take a chance on love!



We hope you will feel welcome, 

supported, encouraged and safe at all 

Date. Play. Love events.  

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